Lux aeterna

A few days before Easter, in the spirit of the Resurrection, the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra interpreted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s marvelous Requiem in d minor. It was Mozart’s last creation and it remained unfinished, when he died in December 1791. His student, Franz Xaver Süssmayr completed it, thus creating an unsolved mystery about which parts were his teacher’s and which were his.
For this work, four soloists and three choirs worked together. 

Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosso for four violins, string orchestra and basso continuo opus 3, no 10 was also performed that evening. Our four excellent soloists are permanent members of the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra. This piece is a part of “L’estro armonico”, a concerto collection published in 1711.

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in b minor for four violins, string orchestra and basso continuo, RV 580, op. 3 (No 10)
Yareslav Tokarev, Julieta Avetyan, Svetlana Sheveleva and Migen Selmani.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Requiem in d minor, KV. 626
Siranous Tsalikian, soprano
Athena Kastrinaki, alto
Zachos Terzakis, tenor
George Roupas, bass


Athens Academia Youth Choir (conductor: Nikos Maliaras)
Mixed Choir of the National Conservatory (conductor: Spiros Klapsis)
Melodoi Choir (conductor: George Ziakas)

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra
Conductor: Nikos Maliaras