An orchestra for innovation

Greece is a European country with the greatest civilization and history that decisively affected the formation of European spirit. For those reasons, our country is entitled to have appropriate cultural institutions to serve Greek citizens. For all the above and more, we founded Athens Philharmonia Orchestra. Art Music, one of the noblest cultural fields really needs support in our country. Mantzaros, Samaras, Kalomiris, Skalkotas, Christou and many others, are important composers who represent Greek Art Music. The Athens Philharmonia believes that this kind of music needs a strong support in order to rise and show the talents that have remained obscure for a long time.

We believe that this effort not only has an artistic, but also a cultural, pedagogical and national purpose. Our effort is not based on ethnocentric attitude, neither tends to be exclusive to other genres of music aesthetics. On the contrary, it tries to approach a certain part of the European and World Music and cultural reality and to lead to a creative rethinking about the national Greek music values.

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra and its people aim to show these cultural production to the world. For several years we operate without any state or private external assistance. The almost only financial support comes from the Private School “G. Malliaras”, which provides the funding, rehearsal and concert venues as well as the administration of the orchestra.